Australia Day Backyard Cricket Official Rules

There’s nothing more Aussie As than Australia Day. It is the perfect excuse to spend hours by the pool eating lamingtons and sausage rolls, enjoying the perfect weather we have in Australia.

But no Australia Day barbeque is complete without a game of backyard cricket, which is why we have Wahu’s backyard cricket official rules for your Australia Day.


Rule #1: Picking Teams

Teams must be made up of equal numbers and abilities. There’s no way an adults vs kids game is going to end fairly. So make sure there’s a mix of ages and abilities on each team.

Rule #2: First Ball

After you’ve chosen teams, it’s time to start the game. A batsman can only lose their wicket on the second ball. If you give players two chances to hit the ball, they’ll be better sports.

Rule #3: No LBW

You’re not the MCG, so there’s no way to enforce the leg before wicket law. Scrap LBW and the arguments sure to come with it.

Rule #4: Under-arm, Underage Bowling

Give the kids a chance! Children are allowed to bowl under-arm. What matters is that they have fun and their throw is unlikely to have too much strength in it.

Rule #5: Six and Out

No one likes a spoil sport. For those hitting the cricket ball to the neighbour’s yard, the pool, into a tree or onto the roof, they’re given no points and have to retrieve the ball! This rule also applies if a pet catches the ball.

Rule #6: Enforced Retirement

You’re permanently out of the game if you smash glass, damage Mum’s garden, or in any way ruin the food!

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