Toss our little Surfer Dudes into the waves, watch them rip some wicked tricks and then boomerang straight back to you. Have a go of the Wahu Water Bouncer! This beaut beach toy for kids truly does bounce along on the top of the water. Try Wahu Skimball for water surface tricks or Wahu’s Wacky all terrain foot bag for passing and juggling. If it's windy at the beach, practise loop-to-loops and half spins with the Wahu Stunt Kite. Top off a great day in the sand with the inflatable Wahu Jumbo Beach Ball, made from durable PVC in the colours of a rainbow.

For high performance beach sports we have a selection of fine quality, neoprene balls for footy, soccer, rugby and volley ball as well as a mini footy and a mini soccer ball. Get the Wahu Mega Beach Pack with two standard-sized neoprene balls for footy and soccer as well as two aerodynamic flying discs, the Groova and Frisc.

Wahu have heaps of other ways to enjoy games by the beach or in the shallows. Our Cricket Set with a water-fillable stump base, bat and ball is genius for belting out sixes. Another fun option, the Wahu Soccer Goal Set, can be set up in a flash and comes with a collapsible goal and a neoprene mini soccer ball. Don't forget Wahu Bash, played with with two waterproof neoprene bats and two super-bouncy neoprene balls for fast paced volleying.