Beach Games

Wahu have so many amazing beach games you’ll find it hard to pick just one. Brace yourself for spade loads of beach fun with Wahu's cricket, soccer, footy, volley ball, beach bash and disc flying games. Try our little Surfer Dudes! They cut and carve up the surf and then boomerang back to you. Wahu have beach games a-plenty for riotous surf-side amusements.

Cricket fanatics will love belting some boundaries with our beach cricket set! You’ll get a quality, durable PVC cricket ball, a light weight PVC cricket bat with rubber handle, three stumps and a water-fillable base for stump stability.

Set up the Wahu Soccer and Goal Set in a flash for spontaneous soccer games by the beach. It has a collapsible, netted goal and includes a mini neoprene soccer ball.

Wahu also have a superb selection of waterproof neoprene balls for footy, soccer, rugby and volleyball so you can take your beloved sport with you to the beach. Our neoprene balls have brilliant raised graphics to ensure maximum grip in all sea-side weather conditions.

Get the Wahu Mega Pack for a selection of awesome beach activities. This pack contains a signature Wahu football and soccer ball, both made with waterproof neoprene skins; as well as two high performance flying discs, the Groova and the Frisc. We even include a handy pump.

Give Wahu Bash a go! Played with two waterproof neoprene bats and a super-bouncy neoprene ball, see how long you and a mate can volley, or mark out your own court in the sand and play it like tennis.