Flying Discs

Wahu's answer to the frisbee is here! Our streamlined flying discs are designed to fling and catch with ease and grace. Perfect for the beach or park and even the family pooch can join in the fun.


From $12.99


From $19.99

The Wahu Ultra-Pro Disc is a high performance throwing disc shaped like a streamlined flying saucer! Unlike our other flying discs which are constructed from soft, flexible materials, the Ultra-Pro Disc is a more traditional frisbee design and is made out of hard plastic. Kids of all skill levels can master this wizard hovering disc because it's easy to pass and catch. It’s also the regulation size for Ultimate-Frisbee!

The super-fly Groova, a soft and safe flying disc, is constructed from flexible rubber so you can roll it up and stuff in your pocket! Groovas are suitable for use in all weather conditions. The Frisc, a Wahu original, is a neoprene flying disc with funky raised graphics to aid in grip and visibility. Flick it like a pro at the beach, the park or in your backyard.