Stocking Fillers 10 under $20

If you are on the hunt for Stocking Fillers for the kids, it is not always easy finding the balance between affordability and enjoyment. Here at Wahu we have you covered. We have put together our top 10 under $20 for you to fill the stockings with gifts the kids will not want to put down.

  1. Tangles from $7.99: Tangles are modelled from the concept of continuous motion and infinity. The motion that Tangles provide is calming and peaceful. Tangles have many different functions. They are fun! Fun to use, fun to hold, fun to twist and fun to look at, they are for boys and girls and best of all, mum and dad, they are silent! Tangles are available in classic, fuzzies, hairy, metallic, textured and totally textured metallic.
  2. Aqua Splats $9.99: The problem with standard water balloons is that you only get one use out of them. Here at Wahu we have the solution… Our Aqua Splats. Soak them in the pool or under a tap until they are soaked, the start throwing!!! Made with a soft rubber exterior and a mega absorbent foam centre, Aqua splats are reusable water balloons!!!
  3. Phlat Ball Jr. $14.99: Throw a disc, catch a ball! Phlat ball jr is an awarding winning Britz n Pieces toy. The Phlat ball is a flat, flying disc that can transform into a ball at any given time. The Phlat Ball Jr. is available in cool, funky colours. The Phlat Ball Jr. is anything but an ordinary ball.
  4. Frisc $12.99: The Wahu Frisc is the original, the best and the most gnarly flying disc on the market! The funky graphics and tough neoprene skin makes the Frisc perfect for the beach, the park or for just throwing around in the backyard.
  5. Grip Ball $14.99: If you haven’t heard of Britz N Pieces grip ball, chances are you have been living under a rock. Nothing beats an epic game of Grrrrrrriiiiiippppp Ball! With two catchers, a grip ball and a carrier, you are guaranteed hours of fun in the sun.
  6. Aussie Mini Soccer $14.99: Nothing is more Aussie than grabbing your pluggers, BBQing a snag and heading to the beach. Why not grab an Aussie mini soccer ball to take with you? Available in international green and gold or the traditional red, white and blue
  7. Surfer Dudes $19.99: The surfer dudes are the world’s first self-surfing. Self-righting surfing toy. All you do is throw these groms into the waves and watch them shred their way back to you! Collect all twelve dudes with gnarly graphics! No batteries required.
  8. Dive Balls $19.99: Wahu dive balls bring pool fun to life! These little fellas wriggle, twist and dive all the way to the bottom of the pool. Dive balls give kids underwater confidence by encouraging them to dive down to retrieve these bright, neoprene dive balls.
  9. Pool Grip Ball $14.99: You know of the iconic Grip Ball? Well, now you can play grip ball in the water with Wahu’s pool grip ball! The pool grip ball comes with two flexible, waterproof mitts and a neoprene grip ball.
  10. Nippas Back Bubble $19.99: The Nippas back bubble is an assistant device for children learning to swim with confidence. The Nippas back bubble offers additional buoyancy for the little ones getting used to the water. *Featuring a dual safety clip- The aid should only be used under strict adult supervision. 

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