Stocking Fillers 10 under $30

If you are on the hunt for Stocking Fillers for the kids, it is not always easy finding the balance between affordability and enjoyment. Here at Wahu we have you covered. We have put together our top 10 under $30 for you to fill the stockings with gifts the kids will not want to put down.


  1. Splash Mat $30.00: The Nippas Splash Mat is perfect for the Australian summer. Your toddler can splash and play in cool comfort. The 130m x 130m splash mat connects to your hose with the fitting provided. Perfect for the backyard, the splash mat will give your toddler hours of fun, cool play on those scorching summer days
  2. Pooldles $24.99: Forget the typical pool noodle. Wahu brings you the POOLDLE!!! At 1.2m long the Pooldle is the head honcho of pool noodles. Wahu Pooldles come in gnarly, bright colours with Wahu’s signature UV treated neoprene skin to allow your Pooldles to last through the hot Aussie summer. Perfect for the beach, pool or lake, take your Pooldle with you wherever there is water.
  3. Footy $24.99: Here at Wahu we have taken the standard footy and transformed it into the primo ball for the backyard, beach, park or lake. The Wahu footy has a waterproof neoprene skin, which makes it adaptable to all conditions, real laces and raised graphics for maximum grip. The inflatable bladder allows you to inflate or deflate when required making the Wahu Footy perfect to take on road trips, on aeroplanes, trains and buses. Kick goals this summer with Wahu!
  4. Aqua Mini Bow $24.99: Turn those hot Aussie summers into a wet and wild battle zone. The Wahu Aqua Mini Bow allows you to soak your mates from a distance of 12m. All you need is water to dunk your arrow head in. Load the drenched arrow into the dual power cord mini bow… AIM…Fire!!! The Aqua Mini Bow is perfect for the backyard, beach or park. Just add water
  5. Bash $24.99: Here at Wahu we don’t follow the mould, we break the mould. Wahu Bash is no different. Each Bash contains two waterproof neoprene bats and two super bouncy neoprene balls. Wahu bash can be used at the beach, the park or the backyard. Play it like tennis, badminton or just bash and smash until the sun goes down
  6. Nightball Football $29.99: Do you ever play a game of footy to only have to stop the game because it is getting dark? Keep the game going well into the night with the Nightball Football from Tangles. The American style football will light up with 170000 bright blinks per LED module and has up to 300 hours of glowing play. The Nightball football is water resistant, floats and is constructed with durable rubber for easy grip and high performance. Use in the backyard, at the beach, in the park or anywhere it is dark
  7. Shred Heads $29.99: What is better than a skateboard? Little skater dudes on REMOTE CONTROLLED SKATEBOARDS!!! These gnarly dudes can shred on most surfaces, down the hall, at the skate park or in your room. These funky dudes come with adjustable trucks and wheels, just like the real deal, as well as a screwdriver and batteries. For special tricks collect all three, Zane, Mason and Hugo
  8. Hover Soccer $24.99: Hover soccer is bringing a whole new meaning to indoor fun! The Hover soccer ball glides along flat surfaces on a cushion of air. The ball has a soft protective bumper for furniture and walls for safe play. So beat the heat this summer and play Hover Soccer inside.
  9. LED Diablo $29.99: Adding extravagant flair to every spin of the Diablo and demanding the audience’s undivided attention (That’s probably you mum and dad) the LED Diablo lights up like a fairground! With the push of a button, the LED Diablo will execute an array of stunning light displays!
  10. Volleyball $24.99: Wahu has put a new spin on Volleyballs. Constructed with waterproof neoprene, the Wahu Volleyball allows you to play in all conditions, at all locations. Perfect for travel, take your Wahu Volleyball to the beach, the park, in your backyard or the lake. With wild bright colours and funky graphics, you will stand out in the crowd.


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