Stocking Fillers 10 under $50

If you on the hunt for Stocking Fillers for the kids, it is not always easy finding the balance between affordability and enjoyment. Here at Wahu we have you covered. We have put together our top 10 under $50 for you to fill the stockings with gifts the kids will not want to put down.


  1. Cricket Set $49.98: Belt some sixes with the Wahu Cricket Set at the beach, park or in your backyard! You'll get a quality, durable PVC cricket ball, a light weight PVC cricket bat with rubber handle, three stumps and a water-fillable base for stump stability. The Wahu Cricket Set comes in sporty beach colours and fits neatly in the carry bag provided. For a cool game of splash cricket play it in the shallows with the Wahu Water Bouncer.
  2. Aqua Mega Bow $39.99: Enter the Wahu Aqua Splash battle zone armed with a  mighty Mega-Bow! For top to toe wet downs on a hot day, you’ll need the Aqua Mega-Bow. Immerse the soft foam arrow head in water, load it in the dual power cord Mega-Bow then shoot to soak! This bow has a keen accuracy and will propel up to 30 metres.
  3. Spray pool $49.98: The Nippas Spray Pool will be a hive of tot activity this summer! This ingenious inflatable pool has constant spray action around the surface of the water to keep kids cool and entertained for ages. Made from durable PVC, the pool has a diameter of 1.8m and a depth of 20cm so there's plenty of room to paddle. Available in great colours with a sea creature motif the spray pool also comes with an attachment for your hose. Please be advised all pools must be only used under strict adult supervision.
  4. Tube Wars $39.99: Joust, battle and bop your opponent off their floating tube base using an oversized paddle! Let the Wahu Tube Wars commence! This fun inflatable game comes with two 1.4m paddles and two 1.25m base tubes. Pretend to be gladiators, knights or Vikings on a watery sea quest.
  5. Zoingo Boingo $39.99: This futuristic looking pogo stick will have kids bouncing and bopping until you call them in for tea! Hop up onto the Zoingo Boingo Pogo's ball base, hold on tight to the handles then hop and bop on any smooth surface. The Britz'n'Pieces Zoingo Boingo Pogo is a great way for kids 8 years and over to practice balance and coordination while performing air spins, changes of direction and a multitude of freestyle tricks. It's important to wear some protective head gear for safety when you ride this fun-inducing pogo.
  6. Nippas Shade Pool $39.99: Nippas have come up with a sweet little-shaded pool for tots to enjoy at the beach! Just dig a shallow hole in the sand, unzip the storage bag and the Beach Shade Pool will pop up. Simply connect the sun roof with the easy to clip toggles. Now fit the pool base in the sand hole and fill it up with water. Lastly, place your little mermaid or merman in their own mini pool for hours of safe, shady play. All Nippas pools must only be used under strict adult supervision.
  7. The Drifter $49.98: Drift away with Wahu. Made from High-density flexible foam, The Drifter is the only way to spend long hours in the pool this summer.
  8. Mega Double Slide 7.5M $49.98: You and a mate can race down this deliciously cool water slide together! The Wahu Mega-Slide has continuous water spray action and a splashy water bumper to give you a soft landing every time. One of the longest water slides available on the market, the Mega-Slide is 1.5m wide and 7.5m long. Double the backyard fun with this wild, wet slide!
  9. Swim Vests $39.99: Our Wahu Swim Vests are a secure buoyancy aid for little kids who love being in or around the water. So be it on the lake, in the pool or anywhere there is water, these light weight and fully adjustable swim vests will help kids to stay afloat. Wahu has swim vests in small, medium and large sizes for kids aged between 2 to 6+ years old . This exceptional ergonomic, contoured design is comfortable and allows for the unrestricted movement of kids' arms and legs as they learn to swim. Fashioned in bright, sunny colours with hip Wahu graphics, these vests are both stylish and safe. Our Wahu Swim Vests fully comply with Australian Standard AS1900 for flotation aids and must only be used under strict adult supervision.

             Please note: Swim Vests are not a life preserver (PFD). They are designed to allow the child to put their head underwater.

  1. Nightball Basketball $49.98: Dunk and dribble the Nightball Basketball for after dark hoops and alley-oops!! This clever basketball lights up from impact and movement. Tangle’s glowing Nightball Basketball is water-resistant and she floats! This triple threat is great for outdoor play, day or night.



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28 December 2016

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