Things to do with the kids this Australia Day

Australia Day is all about celebrating Australia in all its glory. We know that it is nearing the end of the school holidays and no doubt the kids have been hammering you with the “I’m Bored”, “It’s hot”, “There is nothing to do” etc. So why not take Australia Day as a day to get the kids outside and involved in some authentic Aussie games and activities.


1. Have a Thong Toss

Thong tosses almost always happen on Australia Day, any other day you will probably get some very strange looks. The aim of the game is to see who can throw their thong the longest without stepping over a line. This can be played anywhere, the beach, the backyard, the creek, the dam, anywhere.


2. Backyard/Beach Cricket.

Australian Summers are synonymous with cricket and no doubt the majority of kids have been watching the Big Bash with awe. Have your own Big Bash league on Australia Day. All you need is a cricket set like our Double Cricket Set which can be used anywhere. This will keep the kids happy and occupied for hours.


3. An Egg and Spoon Race.

Let’s face it. We all have been a part of an egg and spoon race at one point or another, and admit it… It was pretty fun. Why not get your kids involved and share a memory? All you need is some eggs (If you don’t want mess, hard-boil them) and some spoons (Tablespoons are much easier as they are bigger)


4. Water Bomb Fights

Australia day is usually a pretty hot day around the country and water bombs fights are the perfect mix of water and action. To put a spin on the classic water bomb fights, why not use our Aqua Splats? They are soft so they can be thrown as hard as the kids want without risk of injury.


5. Beach/Park Frisbee or Football

Take the kids to the beach or the park and throw a Frisbee or football. It’s fun, its outdoors and it will give them hours of play. Try our Groova or Frisc for Frisbee fun and our Neoprene footies.



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