Wahu Pool Slide How To

Date Posted:11 November 2019 

Just because Christmas is over does not mean Summer has gone. The weather is even hotter and the days are longer so why not take advantage of it. We know that many of the kiddies have gotten awesome Wahu products for Christmas, so we want to show you how to get the most out of your products, we will feature a product regularly to show you how to set it up, pack it down, and store it to get the most out of your Wahu product.


The Pool Slide is one of our most popular products. This slide is large and fun and gives the kids countless hours of fun in the pool. Buying a product like this means that it needs to be cared for and stored the right way to ensure the kids (and you of course!) get as much enjoyment, fun and memories as you possibly can.


Inflating the Pool Slide


Step 1: Take the slide out of the packaging and spread it out on a safe flat surface. (Not stones, gravel or anything that may puncture the slide.)


Step 2:  Take your Wahu Electric Hi-Volume pump and attach the small attachment to the inflate section of the pump and inflate the yellow sections on each side of the slide.


Step 3: Change the attachment on the pump to the medium connection. ¾ of the way from the top of the slide there is a large valve. Inflate here with the pump until the slide is at capacity. Do not over inflate.  


Step 4: There are two anchor points at the top of the slide on the bottom. These are to be filled with water to give the slide a sturdy base.


Step 5: Connect your hose to the hose connection to have water jets spraying across the slide. This step is important as it allows the kids to slide down easily.


Once finished with use


Step 1: Disconnect the hose from the slide


Step 2: Rinse the slide thoroughly with clean water


Step 3: Empty out the water from the anchor points. Ensure all water is completely empty to avoid mold once stored.


Step 4: Keep the slide inflated and store in a cool dry area, out of the sun for no less than 1 hour or until slide is completely dry


To pack down


Step 1: Use the medium connection on your pump and place it on the deflate section.  Our Wahu Electric pumps feature both an inflate and deflate options. Put the pump into the large valve and continue to deflate until there is no air inside.


Step 4: Use the small attachment on your pump and place it on the deflate section. Deflate both sides of the slide until there is no air left.


Step 5: Once the slide is completely deflated fold up the slide as tight as possible. We recommend storing in a plastic container in a dry, cool area.


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