Pool Games

Embrace your competitive spirit this summer with Wahu's fist pumping selection of pool games for kids and adults.

Master Wahu Pool Ping Pong with its floating table and net. Play hockey in your cossie! Use your mallet to putt that puck around the 1.8m floating rink with Wahu Aqua-Hockey.  Try Skim'n Score to bounce, skim and skate foam discs across the water surface to land them on a floating target mat. Bet you can’t beat your dad’s best shot.

If you hanker for more extreme water games, you and your mates can play basketball, volleyball and Bash Ball with Wahu’s 3-in One Game Pack. You’ll get a basketball and a netted hoop, a volleyball with a 5.5m net as well as two bash bats with two balls. 

Slam dunk and splash with the floating Wahu Pool Basketball net and ball set. Shoot some hoops with mates on the lake or in the pool. For some serious pool competition you need Wahu’s floating Sports Net. This impressive 2.9m wide by 1m high sports net can be used in the pool, on the beach or on your lawn. For volley ball, get into teams and use our waterproof, neoprene volley ball (sold separately)  to wallop the opposition!

Spice up your next pool party with Wahu pool games. Our pool toys, constructed with tough, UV treated materials are made to last in the Aussie heat.