Get ready to fly, glide, hover, boomerang, change gears and even light up the night sky! Wahu's sister company, Goliath sits at the very forefront of cutting edge, toy technology.

Our battery powered Chopper Soccer flies and hovers like a real copter! With an inbuilt infrared sensor, the ball can detect objects beneath it and will rebound away and climb skyward when it does! Clear the hallway for your very own indoor bumper bowling alley with the battery charged Hover Strike bowling disc. It glides on a cushion of air like a real hovercraft and has a soft, furniture friendly, foam bumper.

Britz'n Pieces battery powered Hover soccer takes the world game to a whole new stratosphere! The remarkable Hover Soccer ball glides on a cushion of air and has incredible re-bound action.

For some kid powered fun, dress up your little ones in these adorable animal masks! Britz’n Pieces has a menagerie of furry animal masks for kids 3 years and over. Introducing! Grey Mouse, Leopard, Tiger, Lion, Doggy, Wolf, Bear, Piggy, Monkey, Shaggy Dog, Bunny and Giraffe. All your favourite jungle beasties, farm animals and pets come to life with these great face masks. Made from plush, animal print fabric these easy to wear masks have a soft, fury head band to secure it in place.

Britz'n Pieces impulse toys include Sky Gliderz that loop and glide up to 35 metres! Use the powerful Rip-Zip Launcher to send the Sky Gliderz up and away at supersonic speed! This stunt glider is made from soft foam and makes a screaming whistle as it zooms through the air! For indoor play on a wet, old day Britz’n Pieces’ Little Ripperz are designed for aerial stunts of up to 10 metres. Little Ripperz have great stunt potential indoors, in the park or in the backyard.

Britz'n Pieces' Yotech combine speed, lights and gears for dazzling yo-yoing action with bells on! These yo yos are made for doing tricks with the flick of a wrist! The Yo-Star level 1 is for beginners learning to 'walk the dog' or 'put the baby in the cradle'. The advanced Flash Light level 2 yo yo blazes with LED lights to set your hottest tricks on fire! The Flash Light yo yo boasts an auto return system to make tricks faster and easier to set up. The Advanced level 3 Triple Switch yo yo has Lock, Auto and Manual settings for complex tricks. We include a trick book for each level however, oil and string packs are sold separately for yo-yo maintenance.

Our Active Outdoor Toys range will get kids performing tricks with the classic Diablo and one handed catches with the all new E-Z Grip Ball with inflated inner ball to give a high-bounce performance.The game of Spinnex is the most extreme way to play badminton! The shuttles’ original wing design produces a spinning action to hone accuracy and lengthen your shot even in windy conditions. Britz'n Pieces' futuristic looking pogo stick will have kids bouncing and bopping until you call them in for tea! Hop and bop on any smooth surface while busting out air spins and a multitude of freestyle tricks. The Phlat Ball V3 miraculously turns from disc to ball when thrown! So squash it flat, toss it to your mate and enjoy the dual- action fun of flinging a disc, then catching ball! Of course, nothing beats a vigorous game of backyard grip ball! Throw the high performance Grip Ball, catch it, then rrrrrrip it off the Velcro mitt. Get the Ogo Sports Pack with two large, sport discs and two high bounce balls. Kids can play paddle ball (just use your disc as the paddle), Ogo tennis, Ogo volleyball or even use the big round paddle as a flying disc! Have some wet outdoor fun and use water balloons instead of balls. Dedicated sportos will be delighted to know there’s no need to stop a good match just because the sun’s gone down! Keep the game going well into the night with the Tangle's NightBall Footy, Mini Footy, Soccer, Mini Soccer and Softball. These supa-nova-esque NightBalls light up the night with 170 000 bright blinks per LED light module and have up to 300 hours of glowing play! NightBalls are waterproof and they float! Constructed in durable thermoplastic rubber for easy grip and high performance NightBalls can be used in your backyard, in the park or anywhere it’s dark!